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Place of Interest Around the World.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Travel to Point Reyes

Travel to Point Reyes during weekend with my colleague.

Point Reyes lighthouse was built in 1870 and retired from its service in 1975 when they installed the automated light. Maybe its cheaper to use electronics than human because you can program it to turn on and off at predetermined time except when the system faulty, but with a good monitoring system, that should not be a problem :).

Overall I like Point Reyes except its tiring to drive there. And expect a lot of walking too, when you want to visit this lighthouse. I can guarantee that you will be tired by the time you visit this lighthouse :). But its worth it.

Google Earth:
You can use the directions feature from the Google Earth:

Start Direction:
San Francisco,CA

End Direction:
"Point Reyes lighthouse" lat=37.9953890564, lon=-123.023201222

Then you can double click on the route. Google Earth will fly u there :).

More Info:



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