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Place of Interest Around the World.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wedding in Bali

Cheap Air Ticket to Bali? Do you want to have vacation in Bali?

What is Bali ? Bali is a an island in Indonesia. Its also known as "Pulau Dewata". Its one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia.

Beside beautiful, its also one of the most expensive tourism area in Indonesia. Yeah, really, the price is in US$ not rupiah *sigh*.

Beside for tourism area, Bali is also famous for a place to get married.

You still have not decided where to get married ?

Okay you are in luck, show your girl friend this, and she might like it.

URL: Wedding in Bali

So if you are thinking to have a honeymoon, check that site.

Notes: Nope, I am not working there too :).



Blogger Lily-hut said...

I like here very much:)
Have you been there?Romantic and so sweet...Bali,and a nice name

10:42 PM  
Blogger Kyoko_Fukada said...

I wanna have my honeymoon there--dragon boy (wink...wink...)

2:41 PM  

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