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Place of Interest Around the World.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Ed Levin County Park

Ed Levin County Park
One of the unique park in Santa Clara County. You can go fishing and riding a horse or BBQ in this park. The area is about 1539 acre. *Should be enough for you and your family*

Its very interesthing that not many people in Milpitas knows where is this park located, When I was just about 2-3 miles to the entrance. I asked around where is this park. The answer that I got is: I did not know. I am only working here. Maybe its on the left, or maybe its on the right :).

Dont compare this park with Yosemite though, but if you are looking for a close to the nature and you live near by, try to visit Ed Levin County Park.

Dont forget to have breakfast or lunch when you visit this area, the road is very "curly". You will get stomach upset if you did not had your food.

Located on:
Country: USA
State: CA
City: Milpitas

More info:
Santa Clara County Website

Some pictures that I took:Ed Levin County Park


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