Place of Interest Around the World

Place of Interest Around the World.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Big Sur, California, USA

I never heard about Big Sur until recently I saw some advertisement. I do my research and I found an interesting picture about Big Sur. There is a waterfall that flows directly to the sea. really makes me tempted to go there. So finally the time come last weekend. I manage to bring my friend there.

We cruise around CA-1 South using the car. The journey itself is very pleasant, the view is excellent, you are crusing next to the sea. So we make a LOT of stop over to take some picture. So finally we arrived at the Waterfall place 3 hours later.

We manage to visit 2 places in Big Sur area:
1. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
2. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

The Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is the place of the 1st Waterfall.

Pfeiffer Big Sur State park -> Another waterfall here, will need to walk about 3/4 miles. I prefer Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park though, since its more pleasant, but if you like hiking, you can go to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park to do hiking while enjoying the scenery.

You can see some of the snapshots that we took along the way in the Yahoo Public Gallery.

PS: Take note that Yahoo shrink the picture, but if you like it, you can always print it out :P, the printing itself should be good since you can use the higher resolution version.

Yahoo Public Galery: Yahoo Public Gallery

Youtube Movie: You Tube Movie


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jelly Belly Factory

Jelly Belly. Have you ever tried it ? Noo ?? Yess ?? If you has tried it, you should know there are some of the taste that you like, and some of them that you dont like :).

I can even taste M&M chocolate over there..hmm..yummy....

I need to admit, eventhough I like jelly beans, but of course, I will not like all of their products. Some of the products that I like: coffee, garlic, apple, pear. But I do NOT like the "Rotten Eggs".

Never try rotten eggs? Its one of the new flavour from Jelly Belly :).

Try it, and you will know YUCKKKK.

If you are wondering, how can they come out with Rotten Egg, its from Harry Potter's book :-).

Anyway, enough about the introduction. I visit the factory during the memorial day last week. The factory is BIG :), and its amazing that they offer a free tour, and its also open during sunday. Well thats good, because I definitely like a free tour ;). But we could not take any picture in the factory. Thats okay though, since My Camera battery is running out too :P.

One of the thing that I like in the Jelly Belly's are the "Sample Bar". You could try any of the jelly belly's products free of charge. Of course the company will expect you to buy the products if you like it, but you dont have to :).

So thats why I can tell you that I do not like "Rotten Egg" taste :P. and of course, I did not buy this candy.

Anyway, I took some picture, but not a lot because....*sad*, my battery is flat in the last minute. *Sigh*.

So take a look at the public gallery if you are interested what is the Jelly Belly factory looks like:

Public Gallery: Yahoo Public Gallery

More Info: Official Web Site - Jelly Belly


Monday, June 05, 2006

Six Flags - Marine World

Six Flags - Marine World. I went to this theme park with 2 of my friends to enjoy some entertainment. Forget about work, and any other issues, just pure entertainment :).

If you can see from the map next, its a pretty interesting place (its HUGE). If you like a theme park, you will love this place.

There are a lot inside this theme park, It is not only about theme park, it also includes life animals such as dolphin, whale, butterfly, elephant, etc.

So if you are bored and needs to have some entertainment go for six flags.

I have taken some photos *Please remember, i am not a pro*, so my photos might be blur sometime. Dont blame the camera, but blame me :).

Some tips:
If you are going there, there is a feature called "Flash Pass". This flash pass will allow you to cut the queue faster. It will cost you US$14.99. its worth it. BUT there is a but,
Do not need to buy too many. Just buy 1 Flash pass. It will contains about 7 coupons that you can share with your friends.

If you need more, you could buy more inside the Six Flags. We bought 3 flash Pass, so we pay about US$45. At the end, we o nly use 6 coupons. ARRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...........and its not refundable. So at the end, we just pass it to some other people :P. *Charity works*

More Info:

More Photos Galleries: Yahoo - Gallery