Place of Interest Around the World

Place of Interest Around the World.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Monterey - 17 Mile

Monterey - 17 Mile Drive. If you like ocean view, you will definitely need to go to this area. Monterey is one of the beautiful place in California.

Beside the Aquarium and Fisherman Wharf. Inside monterey there is a place called "17 mile drive". You have to visit this place. It does have a nice and beautiful scenery. Been there many times (10 times more), and I still love it.

There are many good spots and scenery. When you are here, pay attention on:
1. Bird Rock
2. The symbol of Monterey: Lonely Cypres
3. Pebble Beach

For my last trip, I try to use my new Canon S3 camera, to take picture and video. Of course, I am not claiming an expert in using this camera :). I took some snapshots that you could see it at the Yahoo gallery below.

Enough said for 17 mile, I will let you to be the judge whethre its worth your time or not. Just enjoy the photos and videos.

PS: I do not have tripod, so, I am very sorry for the quality of the video :P.

Public Photos: Yahoo - Gallery
Public Video: You tube



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